August Roundup

Plum crops continue heavy, no more branches lost, damsons ripe, plenty jam so now liqueuers, like sloe gin but better, damsons in white rum

Apples aplenty, squeezing for juice to drink now or freeze for later, drying some for rings, will start on cider later in month

Dug last potatoes, Carolus, new variety crossed with old sorts, resisted blight well, but only light crop, clean though and good chips

Best potato variety performance this year was Vivaldi, that’s the one you ‘need no butter’ for, still better with loads of it though

Excellent melons, good size, lovely aroma, more to come, watermelons not so good , cucamelons crosses all leaf and no fruit at all

Best bird deterrent I've yet found, inflatable toy snake, kept these blueberries untouched when usually robbed completely