growing in a Greenhouse and polythene covered tunnel

Double polytunnels; grow tropical fruit & veg.. at home

My tropical paradise double tunnel evolved from a simple coldframe used in the greenhouse. Many years ago in my greenhouse I constructed a coldframe made from old windows. This was initially to hold plants moving from the propagator until they were big enough, and it was warm enough, to plant them in the greenhouse border. Once the tomatoes and peppers had moved on I used the coldframe to bring on the marrows and gherkins before they went outside in May.

Citrus fruits

The citrus family have long been favourite greenhouse and conservatory subjects. Indeed they were among the first plants to be so grown. Originally from the Middle and far East the citrus were one of the last old world fruits to be discovered and are not mentioned in the Bible. By the end of the Roman period the first lemons and citrons had reached the Mediterranean. By the time of the Norman conquest the rich were used to them as luxury foods and by Tudor times they had become commonplace.


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