Vegetable crops including herbs and saladings

Better tomatoes

There is probably no more widely grown crop than tomatoes. Almost every kitchen garden will have some growing indoors or out and I doubt there is any plant more often tried by the novice. There are hundreds of varieties of very differing value, and success with the outdoor ones is almost entirely dependent on the year rather than the gardener's skill.

Asparagus time

There is no crop more valuable than asparagus. Not just by financial measures either, though it can give good returns if sold, but also in terms of time, nutrition and flavour. Asparagus comes in very early when little else is productive, it is a green shoot packed full of vitamins and minerals, and that is why it tastes so good. Indeed it is one of the great gourmet pleasures and almost unchanged since Roman times; references and pictures show them eating asparagus exactly alike to ours today.

Globe, Chinese and Jerusalem

Why artichokes? By any other name would they taste the same, these are reckoned to be similar and are so called. And although widely different plants these do indeed have some similarity in their rich aromatic flavour however it is there any resemblance ends. Except perhaps with their useful ability to produce crops in less than perfect conditions. Indeed these can be so reliable they can be considered the almost perfect stand-bys for famine, planted out of the way and forgotten about until needed.


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