• Put up extra insulation as coldest days to come though shortest darkest ones are over
  • On a bright day carefully inspect greenhouse plants for mealy bugs, scales, aphids and moulds as these may prosper unnoticed under cover
  • Only use warm water and only water if plants are desperate
  • Know when to water Citrus- feel their fruits, if softening do water them, but be sure they are well drained, and don’t forget- rain water only
  • Sow some mustard and cress seed a week before xmas on damp kitchen roll paper on plates to add fresh greens to those turkey sandwiches
  • Risk a sowing under cloches or in greenhouse border or in pots in warmth of rocket, loose leaf winter hardy lettuces, radish, turnips, Chinese mustard greens, spring onions and pak-choi
  • Plant some super extra early potato sets, each in a huge pot, and keep in a warm light place for a very early, if small, crop
  • Relax, take it easy for a while; note your successes and mishaps of this year, plan to grow more or less accordingly, then enjoy the fruits of your labours, and hope for as much pleasure again next year.