Order and Buy

  • Order potato and onion sets, onion and leek, celery and early tomato seeds as soon as possible as these will soon be needed
  • Order evergreens, soft fruit and herbaceous plants for early spring planting
  • No Citrus, these are valuable as they give fresh fruits in winter, so treat yourself and get a Meyers lemon and a tangerine, and maybe a kumquat
  • Want more winter greenhouse fruits then the Strawberry or Cherry Guava, Psidium cattleianum crop well and is treated much as a citrus
  • And the Physalis Cape Gooseberry is another good winter cropper if kept frost free
  • Purchase sand, grit, salt, a stiff brush and shovel and then by sod’s law we should be safe from another hard icy winter
  • Get some variegated evergreens such as holly, Elaegnus, Euonymous etc in pots as seasonal decoration, especially good on windowsills
  • Buy your friends and neighbours a packet of seed (of your favourite flower or vegetable) or those with appropriate names
  • Mistletoe becomes cheaper on Christmas eve, buy then, stand it in water in a cool airy bird proof place so the berries ripen well to stick on your trees in Spring
  • Immediately after xmas all exotic fruits they did not sell will reduce in price- just think of each as a packet of interesting seeds with a free fruit- dates, avocados, pawpaws, custard apples, tamarinds, mangoes et al- all fun to try