Mid Winter January is a new beginning, we’re after the winter solstice, the previous year has been laid to rest, the stores are still full, the pruning (hopefully) completed, and the short days are growing longer again… OUTDOORS

  • On clear bright days make a health and hygiene check and examine each and every plant in your care for damage and dieback, coral spot, scale insects, over-wintering eggs
  • Do pruning work missed earlier but do not touch stone fruits or evergreens unless damaged by winter storms
  • When ground is workable plant out hardy trees and shrubs that missed autumn planting
  • After hard frosts re-firm roots of earlier plantings as frost loosens soil
  • Stick canes around valuable plants and emerging bulbs so you see where not to stand in case of snow
  • Spread lime on turf as long as it’s not of very fine acid loving grass or if you have any lime haters growing nearby
  • Use a daisy grubber to rid turf of over-wintering rosette weeds such as plantains and thistles
  • Rake bare soil, mulches and gravel to prevent them panning
  • Coldest weather usually comes next month, so double check outside taps, pipes, gutters and drains
  • Spread sharp sand on mossy/algae/weed infested stepping stones and paving so they wear clean, and are less slippery.