Under Cover


UNDER COVER * Tidy up the garden shed, go on, you know it needs it * Check through your stores throwing out rotters before they multiply * Sort your seeds into batches by sowing dates and discard really old packets * Keep all seeds in sealed box or jar, or better still a dead fridge * Make bird boxes, slug pubs, insect traps, hibernation quarters and plastic bottle cloches * Start collecting dead cds and dvds to make bird scarers later in year * Treat yourself to a file or carborundum stone, or even better a grinding attachment for an electric drill, then sharpen your hoe and other tools * Paint your post code in bold letters with bright paint on any new and valuable tools. * Glue plastic bottle caps onto the top of garden canes then you will push them in more easily, these’ll keep the water out so they’ll last longer and you’ll be less likely to impale yourself * When did you last lubricate your garden gate and shed door catches and hinges, the wheel on your barrow and those on the mower - they all work easier if you do * Clean and repair the mower so it will be ready to roll!