Poor Bawdrons

Traditional Cameronian Cat, with some minor alterations and additions, top and tail, to be sung.

A holiday, no, a holy day, culmination of the week. Six days meant for labour, the seventh thou must keep.

Once a zealous priests’ house-cat went forth to catch her prey And brought a mouse into the house upon his Sabbath day. The minister offended with such an act profane, laid down his book, the cat he took and bound her with a chain.

“Though vile malicious creature, thou murderer” said he, “Oh do you think to fetch to hell my holy wife and me?” “But be thou well assured that blood for blood shall pay; for taking of wee mousey’s life upon my Sabbath day.”

Then he dropped down upon his knees, so fervently he prayed, that the great sin the cat had done, might not on him be laid. The whole house was assembled and made to doff their hats. God’s word it was expounded, then judged to damn the cat.

So forth to execution poor Bawdrons she was drawn, upon a tree they’d hang her high, and then they’d sing a psalm. But when he pulled upon the rope, the great tree it did fall. Poor Bawdrons escaped the crush that killed the family all.

A holiday, no a holy day, culmination of the week. Six days meant for labour. The seventh thou should keep.

from Pulpit in the potting shed - Poetry, Verse and Song available now http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00V0HK16U