Your own vineyard

Grapes are one of the most varied of all fruits; they come in a host of different colours, flavours and sizes. They can be grown in almost every part of the world, treated and pruned by all sorts of methods and used in a multiplicity of ways. Although they are easy in pots under cover these do not give the yields of open ground plants. Unfortunately here in the UK we are on the very margin of successful outdoor cultivation. The changeable nature of the infamous British weather makes grapes a difficult crop. But modern varieties are making it much less of a gamble.

Which grapes where

Over the last quarter century I have tried many dozen grapevines. Most of them in trials inside, outdoors and many by the orchard house method in tubs. Without doubt climate warming may affect the future weather but over the last few years I have found the milder springs and longer autumns very conducive to grapes with more varieties of them cropping more often.

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