More successful sowing

This month is when we begin sowing most crops in the open garden. So although we have been doing so for years it may pay to consider what we need to do to ensure success, and what we ought to have learned to avoid. Certainly I have had reports from many of poorer emergence, especially of root vegetables, in recent springs; perhaps the weather, or our own errors are to blame.

Self saved seeds

Saving our own seed for sowing over the following years is probably done by most of us for economy, convenience or security. I guess most of us save seed for the latter, for security; of favourite varieties, in case we may not be able to replace them otherwise. If you have heirloom, expensive or rare varieties then saving seed is a real necessity. It is obviously little effort to save back a portion of seeds of those crops grown for their seeds, such as peas, especially if these are large heavy seeds expensive to buy.

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