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Queries for engagements to- e-mail | Bob Flowerdew is UK VAT registered no 776573578

You may engage me through agents; several offer myself via the internet, or approach me direct - my fee will remain similar, and may I add, always exceptionally good value. By request copies of my books will be brought for signing at events, travel permitting. I prefer never to do any ‘judging’, though exception may be made for organic white spelt, golden syrup and butter rich but light not dark fruit cakes, ice cream, lemon meringue pies and similar desserts and confectionary….

Public, weekend and after dinner speaker

Many different talks and lectures are prepared and available, suitable for large or small audiences, horticultural groups or not so. Each talk previously honed to near perfection may be adapted to most prospective audiences in length, level and content. See my list of talks. Any other subject may be prepared for at a premium. Please note- without doubt ‘No Work’ is most highly recommended for bringing in, and satisfying, audiences.

Appearance and Award presentations

I ‘open’, suitably and promptly; fetes, fairs, literary festivals, and many other such gatherings -and places, so far including a prison wormery, an open air sculpture, and a public loo….. we all have to earn a living. I succinctly and efficiently present prizes, including expediently delivered photo opportunities; from ‘Britain in Bloom’ through educational Graduations, to such as ‘Master Composters’. Note- If my Appearance also includes a question and answer session, or talk and or book signing then the fee may be reduced. –ie if you just want me to appear then it’s a bigger fee. Or to put it another way; if I can get on my soap box and prattle on then I’m less expensive.

Questions answered

I would suggest that the answers to many questions could be found elsewhere on this or another site. However you could send questions via Gardeners Question Time on the BBC website, or to Amateur Gardening magazine or Kitchen Garden magazine, in which you may get an answer gratis but only if and when they choose to use it.

Consultancy, advice and design

I offer my extensive knowledge to individuals, companies and institutions as briefs, consultancies and seminars. I cover horticulture, greener recycling and small business opportunities including an entertaining introduction to Pragmatic Appropriate Methodology (an approach for more effective business management). I advise on horticultural and landscape planning, on any scale, particularly on site layout and positioning, also on general suitability, or specific requirements, for organic and green undertakings. I produce off the wall and economic alternatives to difficult landscaping and horticultural problems, draw up sensible landscape designs, liaise with sub-contractors on and supervise installations and or schedule future maintenance. I also source bespoke alternative and / or radical solutions to problems in other areas. My general problem solving ability has proved exceptionally useful to those needing initiatives on horticultural and agricultural developments, companies dealing with alternative technologies and charities involving practical aid for the developing world. Note- HOWEVER I never wish to be involved with any entries at any competitive event whatsoever.

And less costly- any book, card or artifact will be dedicated, signed and returned- send to address below, including your precise request, together with return packaging correctly addressed and post paid, and a cheque or postal order for £18 (includes £3 vat). To Harvey Lodge, Harvey Lane, Dickleburgh, IP214NL UK (Allow two weeks though most will be returned more promptly.)

Voice-overs and Advertising

Do you need a mellow rich brown-sugar voice to promote your product? Many satisfied companies including Thames Water and Microsoft have found my dulcet tones ideal for their purposes. I am willing to endorse, promote, and advertise any products and services I find morally acceptable providing these are not in any way horticultural as this would impair my impartiality.

Articles, features and books-

I write; articles on horticultural subjects AND produce good copy, before deadline, to the agreed length. I also offer a ‘get out of a hole’ / ‘by yesterday’ service where for a premium you receive the required copy remarkably fast indeed. I have many more books and articles waiting and more to be written, my publishers cannot handle them all. See the section; Over to you.

Queries for engagements -e-mail Bob@