Fruit-cage & orchard

  • On a bright sunny day take a long cane and knock any remaining mummified fruits off trees as this considerably reduces rots later
  • On a bright day look for and prune out self descriptive Coral spot and any huge Big Buds on blackcurrants, remove and burn both of these
  • Cover outdoor peach and nectarines with plastic sheet as if kept dry over these months they do not suffer Peach leaf curl disease or
  • Spray peaches & almonds (and flowering versions) when buds are swelling with Bordeaux mixture against leaf curl
  • Empty fruit tree crawling-pest traps (cloth or cardboard bands wrapped around tree trunks)
  • Divide clumps of chives into small bunches to under-plant your fruit trees to deter fungal diseases, or line a path with them, they’ll fill out real fast
  • Spread wood ashes not saved for potato and onion crops around your cooking apples and gooseberries