• Sun can be hot from now on so watch greenhouse and coldframe ventilation
  • Be careful not to over-water young plants especially on colder days
  • Inspect all plants under cover, even in the propagator for aphids and other small pests before these multiply
  • Pollinate early flowering plants under cover by hand
  • Bring sowing and potting composts indoors to warm over-night before use
  • When sowing try dusting your seeds with talcum powder or flour so you can see them better
  • Sow plants in warm for growing on indoors; tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, sweet and hot peppers, hardy
  • Sow quick salad crops in trays for small fresh leaves
  • Sow half hardy annual flowering plants in cells or pots to plant out later
  • Pot on all seedlings and young plants before they become potbound
  • Sow sweet corn in warm now and grow on indoors individually in bucket sized pots for a super-early crop
  • Bring in second batch of tubs of grapevines, potted gooseberry bushes and strawberry plants for early crops
  • Sow the most blight resisting tomatoes such as Ferline at the end of the month in the warm for growing on outdoors later