Wildlife & Stock

  • Put up more bird boxes a.s.a.p. because small insectivorous friends like wrens and tits build their nests this early in the year
  • Clean out pest infested material from old bird nest boxes as these’ll be needed again soon
  • Hang fat balls and seed feeders over your rose bushes and soft fruit so tits awaiting their turn will clean aphid eggs off them
  • Put out old, unviable, but only if untreated, seed for birds
  • Don’t forget to clean and re-fill birdbath again and again
  • Rake mulches and bare soil aside to assist birds looking for snacks
  • Lay an old carpet on any bare soil or turf, after a week move it aside to reveal loads of grubs and slugs to the birds
  • Make sure there’s a breathing hole in pond ice, float a ball which will bob