Hi, I don’t know what you might be looking for but you can choose from the following –

Bob’s Biog

who am I and exactly what have I done (names & dates changed to protect the guilty). Includes which magazines I’ve written or still write for and likewise which blogs, with links to sites with an article on or by myself.

Bob’s books

published gardening and cookery books available from good bookstores, mail order and numerous e-sites, new and second-hand.

Bob’s services

or how can I help you with Public Speaking, Award Presentation, Grand Opening, and other engagements, personalised gifts, and questions answered.

Bob’s talks

a list of nearly three dozen prepared and previously given talks and lectures.

Bob’s Reading List

books, mostly on the natural sciences and mostly rather old. If you are as curious as me I recommend these as they’re so informative.

Best of Bob

collected articles written on a host of horticultural subjects, mostly on improved methods and growing your own and gourmet foods.

Bob’s What to do When

a calendrial reminder of what you should have done last week, oh go on then, do it now!

Over to you

what would you like me to write? There are countless articles, essays and more importantly books I have sketched out and not got round to writing yet. - I can’t do them all immediately, so here are some projects, which ones are you most interested in? Give me some feedback and I’ll work on the most popular first.

Please note – if you want a prompt and personal answer to a horticultural query then I am afraid I must charge, please see my Services section. However alternatively you could send questions to me via Gardeners Question Time on the BBC’s website, Amateur Gardening magazine or Kitchen Garden magazine, where you may get an answer if and when they choose to use or publish it...

I'm also sorry I don't have time to show you, or your group, around my garden, which I keep strictly private. I have no commercial nursery, shop, car park or public facilities.

Finally- for those curious about the origins of the clan “Flowerdew” see Genealogical Aspects.